This is the official website for ICOSAGAME, the long-awaited and much anticipated re-release of the game formerly known as the Ico Crystal Game, or Ico. We are pleased to announce that, indeed, games are now available.

We have renamed the game ICOSAGAME. We changed the name to avoid any conflict with Sony Corporation, who decided to release a fantasy game called Ico and was able to trademark the name since it was no longer in commercial use by us.

The new Standard Set builds a 16 inch diameter Icosa and comes with 3 colors of markers. Games bought online will be registered and ship with a 4th color at no additional charge. The game is made entirely in the USA by us. Over 20 years of feedback tell us the game gets used frequently by people of all ages, so we have made the game of quality parts that you can easily disinfect with soap and water, or by running parts through the dishwasher.

The retail price per game is $40.00 per unit. Extra colors are $4.00 per bag. Shipping is US Mail and costs $5.50 per game for priority mail, with a 2 to 3 day delivery. Shipping costs for 2 games is $8.00 and 12 games is $16.00. These are example shipping costs. We will add the exact shipping cost when we send your Invoice. There is no handling charge.

Each unit is serial numbered. When you order your game online your game will be registered at the time of your order, and will ship with a random selection of four colors. Extra colors can be ordered online. We currently have eight colors, red, white, blue, yellow, green, orange, pink, and purple. If you order extra colors the four colors included with your game will be different than the extra colors you ordered.

We no longer offer a teacher discount off the cost of the game. Getting the online order process to accept the discount turned out to be unreliable. If you are a public or private school teacher we will do this for you instead:

We will send all eight colors of markers with your basic set for no extra charge. This will save you $16 and allow more of your students to play. You must include a phone number with your order so we can call and confirm the location of your school.

We hope you like this arrangement better!



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