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The games are great! What a fantastic update to the design. As contemporary for this decade as the original was for its time. The pieces stay put, the directions are clear, the registration process seems straightforward. Kudos for a fine execution of ICO's (uh...Icosagame's) resurrection! Matthew

My son Michael bought me this copy to use with my students. I teach 4th grade. He played it originally while still in middle school when the game was first in production. I plan to demostrate it to the teachers in our district. Glad it is back. Shirley

One of the pics in your gallery is of me as a youngster. I loved the game and played it in a contest at Woodland Hills Mall back in the 80s. I've been looking to buy ICO for years. My next stop is to your online order form! THANK YOU!!!! This is so great. Dave

You talked to my boyfriend this week and he got me this great gift -- Wowee!!! I even did a tournament in Tulsa as a child. Thanks for reissuing this cool game. George

I have one of the games that I got in Broken Arrow in the 8th grade 1985 with just one bag of colored pieces the others are lost to history ... I had been looking forever to find a way to replace them and am pretty excited. James

I got my ICO when I was in 5th or 6th grade. We played in a gifted class I was in. That said, I thought mine was forever lost in moves but I found it last night! I brought it to work and a co-worker and I found you online. Because I thought this was forever lost, I was planning on having a local company use mine as a template and have them make me another. I am glad that I can actually get one from you! David

After my first play my reaction is wow and how on earth can I devise a strategy. Richard

I am a retired Math teacher and used this game 20 years ago. I now volunteer at our local Grade School working with talented 4th and 5th graders. I look forward to using the game with my 5 talented grade school students. My original purchase was back in the 80's when I taught Jr. High Math. Brought the old set back into action, but not enough colors for my needs. It will be good to have a completely new set with all 8 colors. Larry

I actually played this game at a coworkers house. He told me about this special game of his he liked that involved a geometric shape. I was curious and we played. I found it super interesting! For years somehow the memory of this game stuck with me. Now I'm in a board game group I wanted to share with them. Richard

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