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see the world in three dimensions ...

This is the official website for ICOSAGAME, the long-awaited and much anticipated re-release of the game formerly known as the Ico Crystal Game, or Ico. We are pleased to announce that, indeed, games are now available.

We have renamed the game ICOSAGAME. We changed the name to avoid any conflict with Sony Corporation, who decided to release a fantasy game called Ico and trademarked the name since it was no longer in use by us.

The new Standard Set builds a three-dimensional 16 inch diameter icosahedral game board and comes with a random selection of 3 colors of markers. The game is made by us in the USA with durable and washable quality parts. Each set is serial numbered.

The price per game is $45.00 USD. Shipping with handling to a USA address costs $15.00 per game, USPS Priority Mail with a 3 to 4 day delivery. Shipping with handling to Canada costs $50.00 per game, USPS Priority Mail with a 6 to 10 day delivery.

Extra markers are $4.00 per bag. We currently have eight different colors of markers: red, white, blue, yellow, green, orange, pink, and purple. If you order extra markers the colors included with your game will be different than the ones you order. The Complete Set includes all 8 colors of markers.

You can also order replacement rods in packs of 5 and replacement balls in packs of 2. Shipping with handling to a USA address typically costs $8.00 per order, USPS Priority Mail with a 3 to 4 day delivery, when the markers or parts are ordered without a game set.

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